Hi there! I’m Kimberly (aka Mama). I’m currently a stay at home mom who enjoys blogging about life with our little family and all the stuff we do and cool things we find that make life more fun, easy and enjoyable. Our family motto is “Life is short.. enjoy it!” and we strive through ups and downs to have as much fun and happiness as we can. I love my family most of all but I also enjoy crafting, D.I.Y., reading, learning new things and trying to stretch our tiny budget as far as I can so we can save up to buy our own home someday.

Daddy is Brandon Sr. and he works hard to provide for his family and he enjoys his days off so he can spend time with the rest of us. He enjoys fixing things, fishing, camping, video games and junking. He is a good man and a great father and I am so in love with him, always and forever. He tries hard to make all our dreams come true.

Son is Brandon Jr. and he wants you to know he is 4 years old and he loves everyone and enjoys playing with legos, catching frogs, watching Octonauts and going for walks with Daddy. He’s Mama’s helper and he amazes me everyday with how smart he is. He truly is my miracle and we made it through a traumatic birth, time in ICU, surgery at 3 months old and now we try to share awareness of Neurofibromatosis and hope for a cure. If you are not familiar with NF (a rare genetic disorder), as it is called, check out our page about it.

Tik Tik is our 4 year old black cat. She was a feral rescue kitten and she is very much a part of our family.


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