Oh my goodness, here it is… My First Ever Blog Post on my fresh new blog! I’m a bit excited but nervous also. Kind of how I felt when I was in a school play called Why Teachers Go Nuts and I played the teacher. I didn’t have stage fright, but I sure was nervous that I wouldn’t remember all those lines. It was something I had been pretty psyched about since the day we tried out and I got my part. I didn’t have to worry, it turned out:  I remembered my lines just fine, the audience laughed at the right parts and the applause was enthusiastic.

I plan on using my blog as a place to not only share some of the projects and activities my family and I are working on, but sharing things that will help my readers (that’s You!) bring more fun and enjoyment, as well as some inspiration and encouragement, into their everyday lives- on a budget. Because that is the most important part.. enjoying your everyday life. We only get so much time to work with.. why not make it the best we can with what we can?

I’m no one fancy and I don’t have a lot of money to go around but I want to have fun and have a home I can be proud of and fill it with more love than stuff and share this with my family and friends. I think you might be like that too.

In the coming days I have plans to share with you some of the little things that I think make life more enjoyable. Some things are tangible, like products that I use to make things easier or are fun or helpful. I want to share some thoughts and experiences with you that I hope will enlighten, encourage and motivate you. I want to show you things that will inspire you, make you laugh or smile or that will help you achieve your own little moments of happiness. I’m hoping you will share some things with me too.

I hope you will be excited too as you follow along and see some of the things I have to share with you and I’m nervous because I plan on sharing a lot of personal things and this is something new to me, but I feel they are things that are important and might help someone else, as I have found by reading other’s blogs.

I’m so glad you are here. Let me know what kind of things you like. Is there something you want to see a post about? Just comment or click the contact link and send me an email and let me know.